Polish and additional fixes

This week has been focused on polish. Especially when it comes to the levels and animations.

I have done some fixes to the animation, some final touches so that everything looks good for the final release.

There were some hiccups when it comes to the animations. For example, Marbles started to flap and move her legs when we put her animations into the game, the troubleshooting was a long and was a bit tedious, but when we found the problem then the fix was easy.
It turns out that one of her leg points in the animator was not there, and was solved simply by redoing the pose and load the new pose instead of the old one.

Some other things that I did was the background for the fourth level, the last level.

So it needed to convey the a sense of dread, a sense of that everything is wrong and give the player a uncomfortable feeling.


The background theme that helped me fulfill this was a “flesh” or “meat” background with faces, a wall of “flesh faces” so to say.

I had some trouble at first to get the faces to look good, I tried to draw them by hand but they just looked out of place, I tried using just arms and legs that were sticking out of the wall, but none of these gave the feeling that I wanted.

But then it hit me, I can create a brush with a face and just draw that all over the wall in a low opacity, so you get the flesh feeling with faces.


So I took a photo of myself screaming and overexposed it and turned that into a brush.

Did some walls with a normal brush and then I just painted the wall with the face brush and this was the result…

Blog Background Export.png

I also went with the arms stretching out of the wall, to give the feel that someone or at least someone’s soul is trapped in the wall, and is trying to reach out and maybe grab onto the player in a desperate attempt to get their life back, at least that how I see it.


Let’s hope that everything works out for the release.



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